Iain Buchanan

Head of Technology and Investment Process

Iain Buchanan is the Head of Technology and Investment Process at Creighton AI and responsible for the platform and technology that supports the machine learning strategy. He has extensive expertise in developing trading and research systems. He most recently worked as a consultant and Head of Technology for BalanceRe (a reinsurance firm), designing and overseeing the development of its cloud-based infrastructure and calculation framework. Prior to this he was a founding partner and CTO/COO of Piquant Technologies (a commodity trading advisor), where he designed and built the cloud-based trading, operational and research infrastructure. He worked as a senior developer at Aspect Capital, and in various roles at Credit Suisse, Barclays Capital and Deutsche Bank, focusing on risk and trading systems. Iain has a first-class degree in Computing from Imperial College in the UK and holds a Chartered Financial Analyst qualification.